Grand Royale by Asian Land Strategies Corp

Grand Royale

Project Type : House & Lot
Listing Type : Preselling
Units : House & Lot
Price: 1,300,000 & Up
Address : Malolos
Location : Malolos , Bulacan PH Grand Royale Asian Land Strategies Corp Grand Royale Grand Royale Asian Land Strategies Corp Grand Royale Malolos

Grand Royale - Playing Garden
Playing Garden
Grand Royale - Kids Bedroom
Kids Bedroom
Grand Royale - Christel Model House
Christel Model House
Grand Royale - Lea Model House
Lea Model House
Grand Royale - Monique Model House
Monique Model House
Grand Royale - Kitchen
Grand Royale - Garden
Grand Royale - Charlyne Model House
Charlyne Model House
Grand Royale - Location
Grand Royale - Gabriela Model House
Gabriela Model House
Grand Royale - Leona Model House
Leona Model House
Grand Royale - Monique Model House
Monique Model House
Grand Royale - Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Grand Royale - Living Area
Living Area
Grand Royale - Dinning Area
Dinning Area
Grand Royale - Casandra Model House
Casandra Model House
Grand Royale - Hailee Model House
Hailee Model House
Grand Royale - Mikaela Model House
Mikaela Model House
Grand Royale - Tiffany Model House
Tiffany Model House
Grand Royale - Grand Royale
Grand Royale
Grand Royale - Caterina Model House
Caterina Model House

Asian Land Strategies Corp Grand Royale Grand Royale Asian Land Strategies Corp Grand Royale Malolos

Have a grand time living at the Grand Royale Malolos, the largest fully developed exclusive community in Bulacan. Owned and developed by Asianland Strategies Corporation (Asian Land), a Bulacan- based real estate company “dedicated to the enhancement of people's lives through strategic land use and total community development”. This vision is what propels the company in offering this flagship project, the Grand Royale. Why Malolos? The city is becoming a metropolis near the vicinity of Metro Manila which is just 45km away to the south ( a mere 30- minute ride) and with proximity to Clark in Pampanga, the city is a great place to live and relax.

Grand Royale is conceived amidst the growing demand for distinguished shelter that will not only bring security of tenure to its inhabitants but will also uplift their quality of life, thus the Grand Royale was born. The project is situated along MacArthur Highway, Malolos City, Bulacan. This road is the main artery leading to Metro Manila (via NLEX) to the south and Pampanga to the north. The project is consists of Bungalows and 2-storey Single Detached Units ideal for starting and growing families and those who want affordable upgrade not only in a natural living environment with first class facilities and amenities,but also with an intention to experience more comfortable living.

Grand Royale is not only for the royalties but also for those longing for serene and tranquil community away from the turmoil and densely populated metro but near enough to enjoy its thrill and delight. The project also boasts of efficient and functional facilities which are seldom found in other developments this huge. The neighborhood is one of the friendliest this part of Bulacan, where many festivals are held occasionally to celebrate friendship and religious beliefs. The city is also hosts to numerous parks and museums, a truly nature loving community.


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Available Units

Grand Royale
108 SQM
Grand Royale 108 SQM 108 SQM 108 SQM Malolos, Bulacan
1,310,791 PHP
Hot   Studio   0 sqm   yes
Malolos , Malolos , Bulacan PH 108 SQM 108 SQM 108 SQM Malolos

Grand Royale Price List

Grand Royale Price List
Unit Name
Price (₱)
1,310,791 PHP
Malolos, Bulacan Malolos, Bulacan, 108 SQM